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Novel Diagnostics for

An estimated 17 million Americans suffer from Long COVID, a novel condition triggered by COVID-19.

The current lack of reliable testing for Long COVID makes it difficult to diagnose, treat, and further research this condition.


At Celestia Diagnostics, we’re developing a blood test that will allow for accurate diagnoses of Long COVID.

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Celestia Diagnostics aims to develop diagnostic medical tests for infection-associated chronic conditions by bridging the gap between leading scientific research and clinical application.


This will enable us to advance the treatment, management, and understanding of the disease.


We believe that a proven diagnostic for Long COVID will change the way the scientific world, medical professionals, and the general public regard Long COVID.


We’re committed to finding a solution, and we aren’t taking any shortcuts along the way.

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Mendel Fishman


Mendel founded Celestia Diagnostics after spending more than a year seeking an explanation for his inability to recover from a COVID infection.

He immigrated from Johannesburg, South Africa, to the United States in 2015, and earned his bachelor’s degree in finance at Touro College in New York.

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Hanan Chweih Vendrame, PhD


Hanan earned her PhD in medical science from UNICAMP and her postdoc in cell biology at UAB.
She has extensive experience in pathophysiology, hematology, and clinical diagnostics

Our Mission

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