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Novel Diagnostics for

An estimated 17 million Americans suffer from Long COVID, a novel condition triggered by COVID-19.

The current lack of reliable testing for Long COVID makes it difficult to diagnose, treat, and further research this condition.


At Celestia Diagnostics, we’re developing a blood test that will allow for accurate diagnoses of Long COVID.


render of microthrombi
render of microthrombi
render of platelets
render of platelets
render of microthrombi

Amyloid Microclots & Platelet Pathologies as Biomarkers

Amyloid microthrombi and platelet pathologies are associated with both acute and Long COVID.


While amyloid deposits are usually found at low levels in healthy plasma, plasma from both acute and Long COVID feature more–and larger–microthrombi. Platelets in Long COVID patients have also been found to behave abnormally and are more likely to initiate the clotting process.


It is these differences that allow for the use of amyloid microthrombi and platelets as diagnostic biomarkers for Long COVID.

Testing Method

​We are working on commercializing state-of-the-art microscopy and flow microscopy methods to test for the amyloid microclots and platelet pathologies associated with Long COVID.


Data from our tests will be translated into quantitative data by our proprietary algorithms. The data is transformed into Long COVID probability estimates and other measures that aid in an accurate diagnosis.

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Research & Development

We’re now working on validating our assay in a large and diverse cohort and are making the final tweaks to our methods to make this assay suitable for clinical use.


If our R&D phase is a success, patients will be able to have their samples collected and sent to Dallas, Texas, where they will be tested in a CLIA-certified laboratory.

To be notified when this test becomes available, please register for updates.

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Our Mission

Celestia Diagnostics aims to develop diagnostic medical tests for infection-associated chronic conditions by bridging the gap between leading scientific research and clinical application.


This will enable us to advance the treatment, management, and understanding of the disease.


We believe that a proven diagnostic for Long COVID will change the way the scientific world, medical professionals, and the general public regard Long COVID.


We’re committed to finding a solution, and we aren’t taking any shortcuts along the way.

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